“ I've been coming here for years. One of the best neurologists in New York City. He put me on new meds and I've been stable since. Very happy with the quality of care.” Lukas Z. New York, NY
“ Best Neurologist and Pain Management doctor in New York area. Office staff is very accommodating and pleasant as well. I have never experienced such high quality of care like I did in Dr. Strakman's office.” Fred G. New York, NY

Neurologists in NYC

Neurologists in New York

New York City Neurologists Location

Our Manhattan office is located at 1035 Park Avenue on the corner of East 86th St. It is easily accessible via public transportation, as the 6 train and the M102 bus both stop at 86th Street and Lexington Avenue. Because we are in the heart of New York City, our NY location is surrounded by various tourist attractions and there are several areas nearby that you might consider visiting. Be it to relax, enjoy a meal, or shop, our Manhattan location is conveniently located in one of the best areas in Manhattan and is the perfect area for the best neurologists in NYC.

Tourist Attractions Close to NYC Neurologists

Tourist Attractions Close to New York Neurologists

In addition to having access to top neurologists, sightseeing is also an option when you make an appointment in NYC. Some of the best attractions in the city are located close to the office including the Guggenheim Museum, one of the most renowned in NYC, and Central Park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art are also around the corner from the office. Because of our prime location, visiting NYC neurologists can be a positive and enjoyable experience.


Hospitals and Locations Affiliated With Neurology NYC

One of the widest streets in Manhattan and with very little commercial traffic, Park Avenue is easily accessible by ambulances and other vehicles. Since we are the top neurologists in NYC, we are affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center, and Columbia University Medical Center. We are also in the vicinity of major tertiary care centers providing both neurological and pain management care.

Manhattan Location

Why Choose New York City Neurologists?

Being neurologists in NYC, we are located in the heart of NY on Park Avenue and 86th Street. Our qualified staff is more than capable of providing you with the best possible care in NYC, which every patient deserves. Every piece of equipment we use is up-to-date and top of the line. Perhaps the best perk of choosing a New York Neurologist is the convenience of public transportation that will place you just a block away from our location.

Schedule an appointment with New York City Neurologists if you are concerned about any issues with your cranial health. We treat a variety of diseases including multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, movement disorders, dizziness, and many more. Just because you might have symptoms associated with these disorders does not necessarily mean you have one for sure. Let us free your mind from worry and make an appointment with us today. We make our scheduling process quick and easy as it should be. Among the many services we offer are the following:

  • 1. Easy appointment scheduling
  • 2. Reliable diagnostic testing
  • 3. Extraordinary NYC neurologists and pain management specialists
  • 4. Professionalism, compassion, empathy and above all, genuine concern for our patients

Choose the best care available with a neurologists in New York City.

Manhattan Location


Neurologist in NYC Gives Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Dr. Starkman is an expert in the field of neurology and treating chronic back pain. In this interview with Fox News, Dr. Starkman first advocates the use of botox to relieve chronic back pain. Starkman describes how he had used the treatment for years to help relieve his patient’s symptoms and it worked for up to four months at a time. By injecting botox into the muscles of the back, he can help relax the tension within them, which blocks the chronic pain. Using an EMG machine, Dr. Starkman can monitor the exact location of the muscles before injecting the botox. The best part of the botox treatments is that they take only a few seconds, are relatively painless, and have few to no complications after the procedure.


Botox Injections for Back Pain Advocated by NYC Neurologist

To the right is a video in which Dr. Starkman appears in NY1 demonstrating his use of botox injections to relieve the agonizing symptoms of chronic back pain. Using a computerized machine to locate the muscles, Dr. Starkman injects the botox into the lower back. His patients report relief as soon as a few days that continues for three to four months, and sometimes much longer for other patients. The botox helps relieve muscle spasms which cause many of the symptoms of lower back pain, and even helps patients with herniated discs. There are very few side effects from using the botox and it is covered by various insurance companies.


Managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Explained by Dr. Gary Starkman

In addition to providing suggestions on treating chronic back pain, Dr. Starkman also has experience treating carpal tunnel syndrome. To the right is a clip of Dr. Starkman advocating the use of better mice for computers and mouse pads with wrist rests to prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome in computer workers on Channel 4. He also advocates exercising the hands every hour or so during work to prevent the onset of CTS.


NYC Neurologist Dr. Gary Starkman On Lower Back Pain

In yet another interview on the ABC network (channel 7), Dr. Starkman is seen giving professional advice on how to minimize lower back pain. Dr. Starkman stresses the importance of supporting the lower back as best as possible with special pillows designed for lumbar support. The back has a natural S-shape and spending long hours sitting down compresses the back and leads to pain. Other than relying on pillows, you can stretch! Bringing your knees to your chest and taking frequent breaks from sitting will help prevent lower back pain. Dr. Starkman also mentions that it is important to visit a neurologist or pain management specialist when experiencing back pain and not rely on a self-diagnosis.

neurologists in NYC

How Much Brain Power Do Human's Really Use?

INSIDE EDITION spoke with neurologist Dr. Gary Starkman about the premise of Scarlett Johansson's new movie, Lucy that humans only use 10% of their brain.