“ Great experience at this practice and worth the wait! I had terrible neck and back pain and felt relief after my first visit. Highly recommend this practice.” Laura R. Bellmore, NY
“ I have been suffering from chronic pain and have seen numerous specialists with no relief until I started going to Dr. Starkman’s practice. I am grateful for the care I have received and recommend this practice.” Irina G. Lynbrook, NY

Pain Management NYC

Manhattan Location

Pain Management NYC

Regardless of the type of pain you have, our NYC pain management doctors are completely equipped and capable of helping you. From medication to revolutionary botox treatments, we have numerous forms of providing pain management services. We currently have four doctors in our practice that specialize in pain medicine. They have completed various fellowships and training to be certified and specialized in this particular field. Our pain management specialists have numerous forms of treating pain, such as steroid injections and joint blocks. There are many other forms of treatment as well, include medication, physical therapy, and exercises that our team of doctors are more than capable of administering and recommending. When searching for New York pain care, there are few places more reputable and established than our practice.

Long Island Location

Back Pain Doctor NYC

In addition to medication, we specialize in alleviating lower back pain using botox treatments. Dr. Gary Starkman is a NYC back pain specialist and has been featured on two different news channels advocating the use of botox to help patients suffering from chronic back pain. Symptoms of lower back pain include impaired moving, pain that does not go below the knee, muscle spasms, and soreness when touched. The botox injections typically last between three and four months, but can provide relief for much longer in some patients.  If you have pain in the lower or upper back, make an appointment-you will be receiving treatment from some of the best pain management doctors in NYC.


Knee Pain Treatment

As the largest joint in the body, the knee supports a lot of weight. If you’re searching for “knee pain doctor NYC” in Google, we can help. Whether due to applied pressure or daily tasks, the knees are a common location for fractures, dislocations, and inflammatory conditions such as bursitis. Chronic knee pain can be a serious problem if one has osteoarthritis. In addition to neurology, Doctor Starkman is also a knee pain specialist. Treatment for knee pain can include compression, elevation, massage, and medication, depending on the severity of the injury. In certain cases, pain medication must be prescribed by a doctor to provide the best comprehensive treatment possible. There are many different causes of knee pain, including ACL injuries, tendonitis, and a torn meniscus. It can be quite difficult to find a reliable NYC knee pain doctor, however with our credentials, there are few physicians who are more capable of providing you with better care.

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

With an abundance of weight and stress being applied to the shoulders, pain in that area of the body is very common. When looking for a shoulder pain doctor, one must be careful to find a physician who is adequately trained in pain management. Our shoulder pain specialist physicians offer both diagnostic and therapeutic treatments to combat shoulder pain. Dr. Maria Conn, who is an alumna of NYU and former resident of New York Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, is also a pain management doctor of NYC specializing in diagnostic procedures. She is more than capable of determining the cause of your shoulder pain or any other form of pain management needed. More specifically, she is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, with a subspecialty in pain medicine.

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain Doctor NYC

Although neck pain can be an everyday complaint for many people, severe neck pain needs to be examined by a doctor immediately. Certain accidents such as whiplash can cause chronic neck pain besides the more common problems such as arthritis. As a neck pain doctor, Vijay Sidhwani is part of a fully dedicated and highly capable staff that is committed to finding the cause and appropriate form of treatment for each patient. Although finding a reliable doctor for neck pain may be difficult, you won’t get a better team of pain specialists in NYC with higher credentials and more satisfied patients than we have.

Neck Pain

Hip Pain Doctor

Many different inflammatory conditions can affect the hips besides the inevitable process of aging. From arthritis to bursitis and tendonitis, there are numerous reasons behind pain in the hips. We provide the best comprehensive New York pain management services for hip pain by providing viscosupplementation to alleviate arthritis and certain injections to provide relief from chronic hip pain. With an excellent team of pain management specialists in NYC, locating and treating the causes of your hip pain will be quick, easy, and as painless as possible.

Hip Pain

Headache Specialist NYC

From occasional headaches to migraines and sinus headaches, there are many different causes for headache pain. Fortunately, our NY headache center has some of the best pain management doctors in NYC.  We have experience with treating head injuries as well as common head complaints. In addition to providing quality pain management care, our New York headache center can help treat any headache pain you may be experiencing.


Nerve Pain Specialist NYC

There can be many different reasons for nerve pain, some very easy to treat while others can be more difficult. Dr. Gary Starkman is a NYC nerve pain doctor and an assistant clinical professor at Columbia University Medical Center specializes in pain management concerning nerves, muscles, and back pain. With the extensive credentials and experience of each pain management doctor on our staff, it can be difficult to find better nerve specialists in NYC better than the physicians in our establishment.

Nerve Pain