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Back pain can be debilitating and can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. Often, back pain is temporary and can be treated quickly. A chronic condition is defined as back pain that lasts two months or longer. Often, chronic back pain is not the result of illness or injury. Instead, the constant and reoccurring pain is the result of a malfunction with the brain’s pain center. When this condition occurs, individuals should consult with an expert in the field of pain management.

Pain Management Explained thermal image of back pain

Historically, many people believed that chronic pain was something that individuals had to learn to live with. The field of pain management aims to do away with this type of thinking by providing treatments that can significantly decrease or eliminate pain. Failing to treat the pain can exacerbate other health issues and can make sufferers less likely to participate in healthy activities such as exercise.

Goals of Pain Management

Pain management for back pain has several goals:

  • Identifying the cause of the back pain 
  • To provide support before, during, and after surgery (when needed) 
  • To aid in the rehabilitation process 
  • To allow patients to regain normalcy and to function as normal

The pain management approach for each patient will be different and determined by each person’s specific needs.

Managing Back Pain

At NY Neurology Associates, we employ a number of methods to allow patients to manage their pain. Options for treatment include:

  • Facet Blocks
  • Epidural Injections
  • SI Joint Injections
  • Nerve Blocks
  • Pain Medication

The use of each technique is based on each patient’s medical needs. Some patients respond to certain treatments, while others respond to a combination of methods. Our team of pain management experts will work with you to ensure that you receive relief from your back pain.

For information regarding the treatment of back pain or to discuss pain management options, speak with a member of the NY Neurology team today.

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