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A person’s hip is responsible for much of the movement in their lower body. Hip pain can make walking difficult and painful, which can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. Managing hip pain can restore a person’s lifestyle.

Causes of Hip Pain

hip pain

There are a number of medical conditions and injuries that can result in hip pain:

  • Bursitis – There are fluid filled sacs, known as bursas, which surround joints. These sacs are critical to joint function. If the sac around the hip becomes inflamed, movement becomes difficult and painful.
  • Muscle Issues – There are a number of muscle groups that surround and work with the hip joint. Issues with these muscles include sprains and irritations. Hip spasms and aches can often result in hip pain.
  • Back Problems – Hip pain can often be caused by problems in the back. The nerves for your hip travel through your spine. If these nerves become pinched or compressed elsewhere in the back, they can result in hip pain.
  • Injury – Injury to the hip area in a fall, contact sport, or car accident can result in hip pain.

Treatment of Hip Pain

Accurate and effective treatment of hip pain begins with discovering the root cause of the issue. Treating the pain without addressing the root cause is ineffective and can delay relief. A number of diagnostic tests will be performed in order to understand what is causing the pain. Exams will include questions about your medical history and specific questions regarding your hip pain. Once the root of the pain is discovered, the NY Neurology Associates team has a number of treatment options available, including:

    • Steroid injections
    • Nerve blocks
    • Spinal cord stimulation
    • Intrathecal pump therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Surgery
    • Pain medication

The first step in finding relief from your hip pain is to speak with a pain management expert. Through personalized treatment, our team is able to provide a number of options to help relieve your chronic hip pain.

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