“ Great experience at this practice and worth the wait! I had terrible neck and back pain and felt relief after my first visit. Highly recommend this practice.” Laura R. Bellmore, NY
“ I have been suffering from chronic pain and have seen numerous specialists with no relief until I started going to Dr. Starkman’s practice. I am grateful for the care I have received and recommend this practice.” Irina G. Lynbrook, NY

Pain Management in Long Island

Manhattan Location

Pain Management Long Island

In addition to having top of the line equipment, our Long Island pain management office provides the ultimate pain management care. With a quainter atmosphere than NYC, the pain management center of Long Island is the perfect establishment to visit for an accurate diagnosis. This location also has the same alternatives for pain management including medication and other therapeutic treatments that are used in our NYC locations. When looking up “pain management doctors Long Island,” one must be sure to choose the best doctors possible. We serve patients from Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Rockville Centre, in addition to other areas on Long Island.

Long Island Location

Long Island Spine Specialists

Along with medications, our Long Island pain management doctors also use botox to provide pain management for lower back pain. Dr. Gary Starkman is a back pain specialist in Long Island that has advocated the use of botox treatments to relieve symptoms of chronic back pain. His work has been featured on two different daily news channels. The relief provided by the injections usually lasts three to four months but could last for much longer depending on the patient. If you are one of the many sufferers of chronic back pain, call and make an appointment with the best pain management doctors in Long Island.


Knee Pain Doctor Long Island

Because the knee is the largest joint in the body, it can be easily damaged due to the amount of weight it has to support. As a result, the knees are a common location for fractures, dislocations and inflammatory conditions. Regardless of the cause, our pain management doctors on Long Island can help relieve the intense pain associated with common and severe knee injuries. With numerous Long Island pain management specialists and some of the best comprehensive pain management care in Long Island, our neurologists will determine the cause and accurate course of treatment for any and all ailments.

Knee Pain

Long Island Shoulder Pain Physician

Between carrying heavy bags and lifting objects, pain in the shoulders is a very common occurrence in our society. Long Island neurologists offer both diagnostic and therapeutic treatments to alleviate shoulder pain. Dr. Maria Conn, an alumna of NYU and former resident of New York Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center is a pain management doctor of Long Island and NYC specializing in diagnostic procedures that can help determine the cause of your shoulder pain. If you experience frequent pain in the shoulders due to excessive exercise, muscle strains, or unknown causes, make an appointment and consult some of the best pain management specialists in Long Island.

Shoulder Pain

Long Island Neck Pain Doctors

While neck pain is a common annoyance for many people as it is associated with shoulder pain in some cases, if neck pain becomes severe, it must be treated immediately. If whiplash has occurred in the event of an accident, it may cause chronic neck pain. Long Island neurologists provide the best neck pain treatment in Long Island because our staff is dedicated to determining the cause and best form of treatment for each patient on a case by case basis. Long Island neck pain doctors are easy to locate, but our team of Long Island pain specialists cannot be matched by any other because we offer the best credentials, the best care, and the most satisfied patients.

Neck Pain

Hip Pain Management Long Island

Including aging, there are many inflammatory conditions that can affect the hips including arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis. Although any of these could be the reason behind your hip pain, there are many different explanations that could be causing you agony. Long Island pain management specialists can help by offering viscosupplementation to alleviate arthritis and special injections to provide relief from chronic hip pain. Having a team of some of the best pain management doctors in Long Island will make diagnosing and treating the causes of your hip pain as fast, easy, and pain-free as possible.

Hip Pain

Long Island Headache Specialist

Whether you suffer from occasional headaches, sinus headaches, or severe migraines, there are numerous causes of headache pain. Fortunately, those in our Long Island pain management office have experience treating both head injuries and everyday head complaints. In addition to being completely capable of providing comprehensive pain management in Long Island, our neurologists are the best in the field of general neurology.


Nerve Pain Physician Long Island

Pinched nerves, damaged nerves, and other minor to severe ailments are all common causes of nerve pain. Dr. Gary Starkman, an assistant clinical professor at Columbia University Medical Center specializes in pain management concerning nerves, muscles, and back pain. From the extensive credentials to the advanced experience of every doctor on our staff, Long Island neurologists is the best place to treat receive pain management because we have the best pain specialists in Long Island.

Nerve Pain