Are There Natural Ways to Boost Memory?

In fact, the earlier you adopt healthier living practices, the greater protection you have against memory issues.

Eating Right

Adopting healthy eating habits is one of the best things you can do to boost memory. Your body, including your brain, function better when you eat a well-balanced diet that includes fruit, vegetables and lean protein. Avoiding processed foods, food high in sugar, high fat foods and foods with a lot of sodium can also protect your brain health. Certain foods are known to having the power to boost memory including celery, broccoli, walnuts and coconut oil.


Getting regular exercise increases blood flow to the body including the brain. Additionally, getting regular exercise can help to produce proteins in the body that are necessary for nerve health and for helping to build new nerve connections in the brain. Also, exercising regularly can help with weight loss and reduces the likelihood of brain damage due to stroke.


Multitasking is quickly becoming a way of life for many individuals. However, research shows that multitasking can actually harm the brain. To address this, allow yourself time to focus on one issue at a time. This can also increase productivity as you are better able to accomplish things that you are able to focus completely on. Redirecting yourself when you feel as though you’re trying to do too many things at once can also help.


It is very common to skimp on sleep. With so many things to do on a daily basis, reducing sleep can seem like an easy way to get more hours in the day. However, skimping on sleep has a number of negative health impacts, including on memory. In the short term, not getting enough sleep can make concentration difficult. In the long term, not sleeping enough can result in serious cognitive issues. To boost memory, aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. You’ll find that you’ll have increased memory and are able to make better decisions when you’re fully rested.


Continuing to learn new skills helps to boost memory and improve your cognitive ability. Reading, taking classes or teaching yourself a new skill can help to boost your memory for years to come.

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