Common Causes of Memory Loss - It's Time to See a NY Neurologist

Generally speaking, memory issues are a normal part of getting older.  Typically, if you’re having temporary memory issues, there is no cause for concern.  However, if memory difficulties are interrupting your life, it is time to speak with a physician.  Knowing common causes of memory loss can help prepare you to have informed conversations with your physician about yourself or a loved one. 

Common Causes of Memory Loss


Memory loss is associated with many prescription medications. If you noticed your memory loss around the time you began taking a medication, that may be the culprit.  Medications that are known to have memory lapses as a side effect include: 

As with any medication, it is important that you and your physician weigh the side effects against the benefits received from taking medication.  


Mild strokes may have few outward symptoms.  If a person wakes up and suddenly has memory issues, it may be an indicator of a stroke.  Strokes can negatively impact brain function and range in severity.  It is important to address even small strokes with a physician.  Small strokes are often precursors to larger issues.  

Emotional Stress 

Emotional stress has a real effect on the body.  The effects of stress can result in memory issues.  The problem can become worse if the emotional stress is also causing difficulty sleeping.   This situation is usually temporary and resolves once the stress is addressed.  Getting sleep at night can also help to alleviate the memory issues. 

Sleep Apnea 

Individuals with sleep apnea have periods of time while they stop breathing while sleeping.  These periods of time vary in duration and can last for a few seconds or more than a minute.  During these periods, the brain is not receiving sufficient oxygen, which can cause memory issues. 


One of the first symptoms of Alzheimers’s is memory loss.  At first the difficulty will be subtle but will increase in frequency and severity.  A key indicator is if the memory issues are impacting other areas of your life or if it is difficult to perform every day tasks.  In either of these cases, it is time to speak with a physician. 

Receive additional information on the common causes of memory loss from the team at NY Neurology Associates.  Scheduling an appointment will allow them to discuss your specific concerns and ultimately to create a treatment plan.  If you would like to schedule an appointment or check for availability, please click below or call 212 987-0100.

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