Getting Rid of Headache Naturally

We have bad days which are complemented by a severe migraine and what then? All we have to is to go for the easiest way out – to pop a painkiller –and that’s all? As a result, we get rid of symptoms for a short period of time and later the pain is back. So, maybe you need to treat the cause of the pain? We have prepared for you few remedies which will help to cure a headache of the inside starting with the reason for it.

Remedy #1 Relaxing

A headache can be a reaction of the organism to our way of life which results in tensing and knotting the muscles of the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Our body has an ability to transfer the pain felt in an area other than where the stimulus actually is and due to it, we end up with the tension-type headaches. So, our aim is to drop the tension; we advise the following:

  1.    Yoga. It helps to stretch out muscles contributing to lower the tension. Making few moves regularly can prevent a headache before it starts. Prevention is better than treatment, right?
  2.    Breathing. With the modern way of life, we have no time even for breathing properly and as a result, our body doesn’t get enough oxygen. Stop for a few minutes and take a deep breath and feel like air fills up your lungs. Your body gets fresh oxygen, and you get the relaxed state of mind.
  3.    Shoulders. Have you ever noticed that you move with your shoulders hunched up too high as if we try to hide there? If yes, it can be a cause of a headache and all you have to do is to control them. Remind yourself to drop shoulder at least once an hour and you’ll notice positive changes.

Remedy #2 Staying Active

Yes, it’s really hard to stay active when your head is pounding. In reality, moving outside and fresh air is something your body need to tight up muscles. It will also give you a possibility to focus on something else than on the pain.

  1.    Regularity. If you exercise only when you already have a headache, you won’t get too far. But exercising on a regular basis may help not only to cure pain but also to prevent its appearance.
  2.    Temperature. All you need is a balance. You won’t get rid of a headache if you abruptly stop and jump into strenuous activities. So, give your body time to warm up and cool down.
  3.    Setting. Of course, you can exercise at home, but think how pleasant will be to do it in the fresh air somewhere in the park? Two simple things – fresh air and change of scenery – can make your mind and body feel good.

So, follow our easy tips and stay healthy!   

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Gary Starkman Dr. Starkman, a top Neurologist in NYC, is the Medical Director and founder of New York Neurology Associates. He is Board Certified in Neurology with a subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine.

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