Migraines vs. Headaches - Explained by NYC's Top Headache Specialist

Headaches Explained

Headaches are, simply put, the feeling of pain or pressure in your head. The exact location, type of pain or severity can help a doctor determine the exact type of headache you’re experiencing. Knowing the type of headache you have allows a top headache specialist NYC create a treatment plan that directly addresses each patient’s needs. Types of headaches include:


Migraine Headaches Explained

Migraine headaches are typically moderate to severe in pain and often have an additional symptoms including:

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Migraine headaches can be so severe that they prevent a person from completing their everyday tasks. Some individuals experience pain so severe that they seek help at an emergency room.

Types of Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches typically have two types. Those that occur with an aura and those that occur without one. An aura is a visual change or change in sensation that occurs before the onset of a migraine. Examples of auras include:

For some individuals, an aura provides enough notice about an oncoming headache that they are able to take medicine to prevent or lessen its onset.

The best way to know if your headache is a migraine is to speak with a headache specialist NYC doctor. If you would like to schedule an appointment or check for availability, please click below or call 212 987-0100.

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