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This starts with a scheduling process that allows patients to be seen quickly in locations that are easily accessed by a number of transportation methods.

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Next, the diagnostic process starts off with a full medical history and physical exam. These findings allow the top rated brain doctor downtown Manhattan has to develop a diagnostic protocol that allows them to understand the root cause of the neurological concern. Finally, once the root cause of the issue is identified, a specified treatment plan is created to address each patient’s specific issues. All of these things are done by the expert team at New York Neurology Associates.

The NY Neurology Difference

Led by Dr. Gary Starkman, a world class Board Certified neurologist, the team at NY Neurology is dedicated to clinical excellence and treating each patient as an individual. Their team works hard to be understanding, polite and to truly listen to their patients. By understanding and addressing their patients’ needs, the team at NY Neurology is able to achieve highly successful treatment and high patient satisfaction levels.

A Comprehensive Approach

The team at NY Neurology uses a comprehensive approach to patient care. By combining experts from a number of fields including physical therapy and pain management, patients are able to receive the highest care that addresses all of their needs. Furthermore, the entire NY Neurology team stays informed about advancements in the their respective fields through continuing education, ongoing research and working within professional groups in their field. They use this information and their experience to provide their patients with the latest and most successful treatment options.

NY Neurology Offices

NY Neurology Associates have multiple offices throughout the NYC area that are all accessible via a number of transportation methods. All of the centers have state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment so that all patients receive the same level of world class care.

Manhattan Top Rated Brain Doctor

To schedule an appointment with the top rated brain doctor downtown Manhattan has to offer, contact the expert team at NY Neurology Associates. If you would like to schedule an appointment or check for availability, book online or call 212.987.0100.

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