NYC Neurologists Treating Migraines with Botox Injections

Treating migraines is a highly specialized field, with treatment plans that must be built on the specific needs of each individual in order to be successful.  Selecting the top neurologist in NYC ensures you’ll receive the best treatment for your migraines.  Below, we'll briefly go over treating migraines with Botox injections. 

Botox for Migraines

Botox may be used for the treatment of chronic migraines in adults.  Individuals are considered to have chronic migraines if they suffer from headaches 15 or more days per month. At this frequency, it can be difficult for people to perform everyday tasks and socialization can be difficult.  Botox can be successfully used to treat this condition, giving sufferers much needed relief. 

During Botox treatment for migraines, the medication is injected into the head and neck.  The injections are administered via the use of very small needles.  Some individuals may experience slight pain or discomfort during the injections.  A specific injection pattern is followed to ensure the medication is placed in the correct location.  

Once the medication is administered, the benefits last for approximately three months.  After this point, it is important to review your results with your doctor and to be treated again.  It is highly recommended that individuals who seek Botox injections for headache pain commit to two sessions.  Some individuals do not experience relief until their second treatment.  Stopping the procedure prior to the second treatment could prevent long term relief. 

Neurologist NYC Migraine Treatment 

The best way to receive relief from your chronic migraines is to work with a highly skilled, Board Certified neurologist.  These highly trained individuals have the knowledge and experience necessary to create a treatment plan that is based upon your specific needs.  They’ll be able to provide options for addressing your headaches including the use of Botox.  Different treatment options are important as no two individuals are the same.  In order to be effective, treatment must consider the exact needs of each patient.  The top neurologists and headache specialists in NYC are on the staff of NY Neurology Associates. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment or check for availability, book online or call 212 987-0100.

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