Reviewing the Top Neurologists in Downtown Manhattan

Your selection of the right neurologist should be based upon a number of criteria. The topics below can make narrowing down the field of neurologists in Manhattan a little easier.

Finding the Top Neurologists in Downtown Manhattan


The best place to start when looking for a neurologist is referrals. Many people seek a neurologist’s care after seeing their primary care physician who provided a list of doctors. That list is a great place to start and likely contains professionals your doctor feels comfortable with. Next, ask friends and family about their experiences with neurologists. This will provide key insight into how the doctor interacts with patients and what to expect during office visits.


In the field of neurology, Board Certification is one of the most important qualifications. This certification means that the doctor has passed rigorous testing to evaluate his or her knowledge and skills. Looking into the background of each perspective physician can provide a wealth of knowledge about their educational background. You can also take time to investigate if the physician has disciplinary actions or a history of malpractice claims.


As with most medical specialties, experience matters when it comes to selecting a neurologist. The longer a neurologist has been practicing, the more familiar they are with diagnosing and treating issues. For specific concerns, ask about the physician’s experience treating cases that are similar to your own.

Hospital Affiliation

Look for a physician who is on staff at a world class hospital. State of the art medical facilities are best equipped to handle neurological issues and have the best outcomes overall. It is also important to think of the accessibility of the doctor’s hospital. Neurological care often requires treatment or testing in a hospital setting. Selecting a doctor who operates in an inconvenient place for your lifestyle can make scheduling stressful.


You should feel comfortable speaking with your chosen neurologist. In order to get the best care, you must be able to communicate freely and to speak openly about what you’re experiencing. You should also feel comfortable asking specific questions about your treatment. Neurologists that make you feel uncomfortable should be avoided.

Insurance Acceptance

Medical insurance coverage is one of the largest factors in determining your out of pocket cost. Selecting a neurologist who is in network for your insurance both maximizes your benefits and minimizes your out of pocket cost.

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