Three Natural Ways to Fight Headache

The headache pains can make our life insufferable, transform it in a row of painful challenges with which we try to cope taking the aspirin. In its turn, the aspirin can bring only temporary relief and with time even perpetuate the problem.  

Look, when you try to fight the symptoms, you forget about the real issue – what triggers a headache. Natural remedies for headaches may require from you something more than simply popping a pill, but it is worth it. They won’t make you dependent on them and don’t wreak havoc whereas you can become addicted to other over-the-counter or prescription pain-killers and in result take pills for every a little headache.

We offer you few home remedies which you can help you to relief the pain of a headache without taking pills.

Remedy #1 Cayenne

Now you may think that how spicy thing can contribute to cure the pain, but cayenne has a secret element in its content making it revered in the kingdom of the natural remedies to treat pain. So, how it works? Our body has an element in pain perception called Substance P which can be inhibited by the cayenne’s ingredient knows as capsaicin. In other words, Substance P is one of the main parts that make us feel pain, and the capsaicin in its turn drains it.

What you need:

¼ teaspoon cayenne powder

4 ounces of warm water

Cotton swabs

Add the indicated amount of cayenne powder into 4 ounces of warm water. Mix the ingredients well (the powder can sink to the bottom) and soak a cotton swab in the glass with the remedy. Now you need to apply the moist swab to the inside of each nostril and leave until you feel the heat. You can find it a bit unpleasant but consider the burning sensation as a sign that the remedy works. When you take out the swab, your headache will hopefully be wiped out, or if not, will become better than before.

Remedy #2 Nuts

You take pain-killers containing an agent called salicin which helps to decrease the pain. But why should you poison your body with the pills if the same ingredient can be found in almonds? Nature has already cared about us and gave us all-natural ways to fight our ailments. Opt for a healthier alternative and eat a handful or two of wholesome nuts when you feel that that ache starts to set.

Remedy #3 Feverfew

The theory suggests that when you suffer from a migraine, your blood vessels are expanding and pressing on nerves. Thus, all you need is to relax the tension or constrict blood vessels to ease the pressure. In this case, you can get the desired relief with the help of feverfew plant. It has a substance known as parthenolide which helps to reduce the inflammation and pain just like after the aspirin but without any side effects.

What you need:

1 ounce fresh/dried flowers

1 pint of boiling water

For preparing a healing liquid, you need to boil the water and add an ounce of flowers (fresh or dried). Let it brew for ten minutes and strain. It is recommended to drink half a cup twice a day.

 Now you know three effective and what is important natural ways of fighting the headache.

Gary Starkman Dr. Starkman, a top Neurologist in NYC, is the Medical Director and founder of New York Neurology Associates. He is Board Certified in Neurology with a subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine.

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