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Where to Go For Effective Pain Management in New York City

The truth is, these steps are rarely effective, which can leave suffers frustrated and unsure of where to turn. In order to receive the best care, it is important to find the right pain management NYC to address your needs.

Effective Pain Management

The right pain management center n New York City will address the underlying issue causing the pain while providing treatment that increases comfort and quality of life.

Pain Management

Pain management is the comprehensive treatment of long term or chronic pain. Chronic pain is typically not easily treated and exists for long periods of time. Sufferers often have to make significant adjustments to their lives in order to cope with the pain. Pain management is the comprehensive process of diagnosing the cause of pain, the providing complex treatment options in order to provide relief. Often, it is the combination of a number of treatment methods that ultimately allows a person to experience relief. Pain Management NYC centers are specifically designed to treat patients with pain issues. This specialization allows for better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

Effective Pain Management NYC

In and around NYC, the best place to receive treatment for chronic pain issues is at NY Neurology Associates. Their team of experts, dedication to clinical excellence and personalized attention sets them far above other centers. Pain management requires the expertise of Board Certified physicians from a variety of backgrounds who combine to provide a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. Our team includes neurologists, physiatrists, pain management specialists and holistic practitioners. Combining the best from each area of expertise, treatment plans can include:

To begin, each client of NY Neurology undergoes a diagnostic process. This process includes a physical exam, medical history and testing. The results from these tests will either provide a specific diagnosis or will indicate that further testing is needed. Once a diagnosis is known, the goal is to provide a level of comfort while addressing the underlying cause of the pain. Addressing both issues simultaneously helps to provide long lasting relief.

Effective Pain Management Treatment

To learn what makes NY Neurology Associates an effective pain management leader, speak with a member of our team today. If you would like to schedule an appointment or check for availability, book online or call 212.987.0100.

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