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Location is an extremely important factor when looking for a neurology center.  Locations that are difficult to reach or are inaccessible via public transportation can result in frustration when scheduling appointments.  The best neurologist in NYC will have multiple locations, all of which are fully staffed and available for appointments. Additionally, these locations should be reachable through multiple transportation methods.  


A physician’s education, research and experience are all key.  Neurology is an ever changing field with advancements and new treatment methods being discovered every day.  Continuing to learn is an important characteristic for a physician and one of the best ways to provide the best, most up to date treatment methods for patients.


With neurological concerns, it is important to be able to see a doctor when issues arise.  Offices with limited appointment availability can be problematic if you have an issue.  Be sure to consider a medical center’s office hours.  Limited availability can be an issue if you run into a problem.

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The best neurologists will be easy to talk to.  You should feel comfortable speaking with the physician and asking specific questions about all aspects of your treatment.  The neurologist should seem comfortable being asked questions.  If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with a physician or if they do not answer your questions, you may not be seeing the right neurologist for your needs.

Financial Concerns

The best neurologists will accept insurance from a number of major medical carriers.  Insurance coverage is the best way to control your out of pocket costs.  Selecting a neurologist that accepts your insurance will ensure that you maximize your benefits while getting the best care.

Best Neurologist in NYC

The best neurologists in NYC may be found at NY Neurology Associates.  Their team of Board Certified physicians meet all of the above requirements and more.  Their team is dedicated to identifying the root cause of their patients’ neurological issues and developing treatment plans that address their needs.  If you would like to schedule an appointment or check for availability, book online or call 212 987-0100.

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